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Specials of the Month - #3      Specials From Previous Montha    

(These will change every month. Check back regularly to see what's new.)

Person of the Month 

John Brown (1800-1859)                                                                                            

A white man who opposed slavery before the Civil War in the United States. He fought to help Kansas be a territory free of slavery. Later he tried to start a slave rebellion that would free the slaves by attacking the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to get weapons. He was captured, tried, and put to death. He was widely admired and influential in his day and helped move the abolitionist movement toward advocating immediate emancipation. (Note: "Abolitionists" were those who wanted to abolish, or end, slavery. "Emancipation" meant freeing the slaves.)


Question of the Month

How does experiencing racism, seeing racism, or knowing about how racism affects people's lives, make you feel? 


Perspective of the Month

People of all racial identities deserve to feel pleased with who they are and deserve respect, including self-respect.  This is true for African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Whites and all people of mixed heritages.


Quote of the Month

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Malcolm X - US black nationalist leader (1925 - 1965)


This Month's Self-Quiz (These questions are based mostly on last month's specials.)

  1. Who is Patricia Williams? What does she do? What award did she win?

  2. Fill in the blank: "All babies, both people of color and white people, are born _____. No one is born racist."

  3. Japanese American, Yuri Kuchiyama said, "An injury or injustice to one, is an injury and injustice to ____."  

(The answers to these questions can be found on other pages of this web site. For #1 see Anti-Racists". For #2 see "Understanding Racism - Helpful Perspectives". For #3 see last month's "Specials of the Month". Start by going to the Home page and navigating from there. This will help you learn your way around the site.)