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Specials of the Month - #4      Specials From Previous Months    

(These will change every month. Check back regularly to see what's new.)

Person of the Month 

Thurgood Marshall    (1908-1993)   

 Thurgood Marshall was an African American who became a lawyer. As an attorney for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) he argued cases in front of the United States Supreme Court. He won court cases that helped end legal racial segregation in housing, transportation, and voting. In 1954 he helped win the Brown vs. Board of Education case that ended legal segregation in schools. Later he was the first African American to become a justice on the Supreme Court. He served on the Court for 24 years, from 1967 to 1991.


Question of the Month

What is your earliest memory of being aware that racism existed? 


Perspective of the Month

Being "colorblind" is not one of the goals of anti-racism work.  While we don’t want anyone to be judged on the basis of their skin color, we do need to notice skin color and “race” because they can help us understand people’s identities and cultures, and may help us understand something about their experiences.  As one African-American woman said, “If you only see that I’m black, you don’t see me.  If you don’t see that I’m black, you also don’t see me.” 


Quote of the Month

"Real education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best out of our own students.”

           Cesar Chavez  (1927 - 1993)


This Month's Self-Quiz (These questions are based mostly on last month's specials.)

  1. What was John Brown famous for? When did he live?

  2. What did the abolitionists want?

  3. "Emancipation" means ____________________.

  4. What important organization did Dolores Huerta help to organize and lead?

(The answers to these questions can be found on other pages of this web site. For #1 and #4 see "Anti-Racists". For #2 and #3 see last month's "Specials of the Month". Start by going to the Home page and navigating from there. This will help you learn your way around the site.)