Connecting With Allies                          

Taking the pledge means making a commitment to connect with allies.

If we are going to be effecive in helping to end racism, we are all going to have to connect with allies - other people who care about ending racism (or come to care about it as a result of their relationships with us). There are people everywhere who would like to be invited to help end racism. Some of them may just need an invitation from you. It's good to connect with allies who are:

One possible approach is to ask other people to look at this web site and ask them what they think about it. (Whatever they say, it's best to listen first and really understand their points of view, before trying to persuade them of your ideas.) *** Having friends of many different racial backgrounds will make our lives more interesting and give us a fuller picture of the world. *** If you are going to take on a learning or action project related to race or racism, it's good to do it with other people. Invite someone to join you.

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