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For Teachers:

Strategies for Introducing This Web Site to Students

Below are 12 possible approaches you might use with your class in exploring the web site.

(Please note that the tasks/approaches vary in how demanding they are both academically and emotionally.)

1.  Go to “Anti-Racists”.  Find one white person and one person of color who have been anti-racists and learn enough about them (take notes if you need to) so you can tell the class about them.

2.   Go to “Understanding Racism – Helpful Perspectives”.  Read at least 5 of the perspectives.  Write your answer to one of the italicized questions.  Then write why you agree or disagree with one of the other perspectives.

3.    Go to “Mailbox” and pick one of the suggested topics and write a paragraph about it.

4.    With a partner go to “Listening Exchanges – Topics for Listening Exchanges”.  Pick one of the topics and have a conversation about it for at least 5 minutes with your partner.  Each write 2-5 sentences about what you thought about for your own answer to the question.  Get your partner to help you remember or expand your answer if you need help.

5.    Go to “Take the Pledge”.  Then go to “Action on the Pledge” and read the “Learning” page and the “Connecting with Allies” page.  Then write a paragraph about why you do or do not want to “take the pledge”.

6.    Browse the site until you find something you didn’t know, want to remember, or that you have a reaction to.  Write down what it was and why you picked it.  Be prepared to share it with the class.

7.   Go to “Understanding Racism – Examples of Racism”.  Read the examples.  Write a paragraph that tells about your reactions (including your feelings) to these examples.

8.  Think of an example of racism that you have (or your class has) read about, heard about, or experienced.  Write a paragraph about it that could be used to inform someone else about it.

9.   Go to “Specials of the Month”.  Read the entire page.  Take notes on the “Person of the Month” and the “Perspective of the Month” so you can tell someone else about them.  Think about the “Question of the Month”.  Find the answers to the “Self-Quiz”. (See the hints at the bottom of the page.)

10. Go to "Take the Pledge", then to "Action on the Pledge", then to "Learning", then to "New Orleans' Racial Divide: An Unatural Disaster" by Emma Dixon. Read her piece about Hurricane Katrina, racism, and the unatural racial wealth divide in New Orleans. Talk or write about your reaction to this piece. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think about?

11. Go to "Anti-Racists" and then to "Anti-Racists - Quiz #1". Read the questions and answer any you know. Go back to "Anti-Racists" to find the answers to the others. Complete the quiz and "Send" your answers. "Youth Helping to End Racism" will write back to you and let you know how many questions you answered correctly. They'll send you a certificate if you get them all right.

12. Write a paragraph in response to any of the items above. Go to "Home", then to "Contact Us" and send what you wrote to "Youth Helping to End Racism". They will probably write back to you. They might even put something you write on the web site for others to read.