This site provides an easy way to engage your students in learning something about racism and anti-racism. You could:

We hope you will involve your class in using this site regularly.  We think that it will benefit students of all backgrounds to make a commitment to help end racism, to learn more about anti-racism and its history, to gain useful perspectives on racism, and to find some way to take some action. 

Wouldn’t your students love to see something they had written appear on a web site that is about eliminating racism?

Please don't urge your students to take the pledge against racism that the site invites them to make. That should be a completely free choice, without any pressure of any kind.

          We want this to be a collaborative project. Please tell us what you'd like to see added to, or changed on, the site. We welcome questions, feedback, suggestions. We hope you and your class will join with us in developing and improving the site.

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