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For Adults Who Support Young People

to Help End Racism

Thank you for all that you do!

Across the United States and beyond there is a growing number of adults who are supporting youth to learn about and understand racism, and sometimes to take action against it. One of the adults who is part of our project, Russ Vernon-Jones, is trying to help these adults network with each other. He is starting a free e-newsletter and inviting adults to "subscribe".

*Subscribe to our infrequent newsletter for adults
Send us your e-mail and let us know you are interested. Your e-mail address will never be sold or shared. The newsletter will have ideas, resources, stories, etc. E-mail us at Youth.EndRacism@gmail.com

*Send us a question, an idea, a story of an experience with young people
Sharing your experiences will help us build this network. There's a lot we can learn from each other. It helps just to know we are not alone doing this work. E-mail us at Youth.EndRacism@gmail.com

*Notes for teachers

*Notes for parents

*Read and enjoy the site for yourself
Much of the material on the site is of interest and is informative for adults as well as youth.